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We use futebol as a tool to promote gender justice and create possibilities for more equitable and sustainable ways of being.

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We carry out workshops, training, exhibitions, research, and presentations to create space for critical awareness of gender through reflection and action.

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If you are an athlete, artist, academic, community organization, business, university, or an individual who too feels passionately about these issues, join the team…

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Huffington Post: 5 Amazing Ways Women and Girls are Breaking Gender Stereotypes Worldwide

The GUERREIRASPROJECT is honored to be highlighted as one of the “5 Amazing Ways Women and Girls are Breaking Gender Stereotypes Worldwide” in the Imagining Equality’s online media project- AND covered in the Huffington Post!

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Jornada de Administração Pública

Words by Joanna Burgio
Photos from Jornada de Administração Pública


Ana Matos Thais, Joanna Burigo, Beatrice Gregory and Ana Thais

On 22 October the GuerreirasProject took part in the “Jornada de Administração Pública” (Public Administration Conference) at the FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas). The event, planned and run by students, aimed to broaden the discussion about issues unexplored in the institution’s formal curriculum, so as to encourage the formation of public administrators who are more aware of the different facets of the Brazilian and global realities. We were there for the debate “Women in Sport “, organized by CANDACES – de university’s feminist collective. The round table, chaired by Ana Matos Thais , journalist of Radio Globo, was also composed of our very own Joanna Burigo, as well as of Beatrice Gregory, General Coordinator of the Working Women’s Rights SPM – PR, and Ana Moser, former Brazilian volleyball goddess and part of the team that brought back to Brazil our first Olympic medal in the modality. The interesting debate about inequality of opportunities in sports for men and women, which began with a round table and then opened to audience questions, addressed profound issues that permeate this problem – the roots of these inequalities – and its main objective was to discuss, with students, how policy can be designed to circumvent, specifically, gender issues.


No dia 22 de Outubro o GuerreirasProject participou da Jornada de Administração Pública da FGV. O evento, idealizado e concretizado por alunos, tinha como objetivo ampliar a discussão de temas pouco explorados no currículo formal, de maneira a formar Administradores Públicos mais conscientes das diferentes facetas das realidades brasileira e global. Nossa participação se deu no debate “Mulheres no Esporte”, organizado pelo CANDACES – o coletivo feminista da instituição. A mesa, coordenada por Ana Thais Matos, jornalista da Radio Globo, foi composta também da nossa Joanna Burigo, alem de Beatriz Gregory, Coordenadora-Geral de Direitos do Trabalho das Mulheres da SPM-PR, e Ana Moser, deusa do vôlei brasileiro e parte da seleção que trouxe a primeira medalha olímpica da modalidade para casa. O interessante debate sobre desigualdade de oportunidades no esporte entre homens e mulheres, que começou com uma mesa redonda e depois abriu questões para a audiência,  abordou questões profundas que permeiam este campo – como as raízes destas desigualdades – e 0 principal objetivo era discutir, com os alunos, como as políticas públicas podem ser desenhadas para contornar problemas de gênero.

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