Our Mission

We use futebol as a tool to promote gender justice and create possibilities for more equitable and sustainable ways of being.

What we do

We carry out workshops, training, exhibitions, research, and presentations to create space for critical awareness of gender through reflection and action.

Work with us

If you are an athlete, artist, academic, community organization, business, university, or an individual who too feels passionately about these issues, join the team…

Recent News

Sexism, Surfaces & Seeds for Change – Fare Action Week Workshop

On October 20th, as part of the Fare Football People 2015 Action Weeks, Guerreiras Project teamed up with Discover Football in Berlin, Germany to run a workshop on the gender discrimination issues that arose around the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. This workshop was a follow up to a sequence of activities that took place with female football activists in Berlin during the 2015 Women’s World Cup Festival at Discover Football (DF).


As part of the workshop, Guerreiras activist Caitlin Fisher and Discover Football activist Carmen Grimm, designed and developed ‘zine’ called the ‘Grass Ceiling’. This zine was handed out to participants as a tool to encourage hands-on critical thinking around human rights and football. The zine guided readers from matters on the ’surface’ of the turf, to the roots of discrimination tied to social norms, and then to considering seeds for change through policy and activism.


Guerreiras Project is working on developing a second edition of this zine as a community workshop tool for Mudando Cabeças, Corpos e Campos, and translating it into several languages. Stay tuned!


Reportagem: Futebol Feminino uma história invisível

Futebol Feminino, uma história invisível (imperdível)Futebol Feminino, uma história invisível! Não perca o Caminhos da Reportagem. Quinta-feira, 06/08, às 22h na TV Brasil.”João Havelange, Enquanto eu For Presidente da CBD Nenhuma Mulher Joga e Nem Apita Futebol” (revelação Feita pela Léa Campos a primeira árbitra de futebol do mundo ainda na década de 60. Leia mais em: http://zip.net/brrhDgA TV Brasil Pega nas Antenas Parabólicas Através de Transmissões Analógicas e digitais.Além de Pegar na Sky, OI E ClaroTV. A Tv brasil foi o canal que nesse ano nos presenteou com a Transmissão da Copa do Mundo do Canadá!

Posted by Futebol Feminino on Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Futebol Feminino, uma história invisível!
Não perca o Caminhos da Reportagem.
quinta-feira, 06/08, às 22h na TV Brasil.

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