Guerreiras Mulheres Olympicas 2016 Campaign with Sports Bras!

Guerreiras Project is launching a GUERREIRAS MULHERES OLYMPICAS campaign with their GP sports bra in lead up to the Rio 2016 Olympics!

When you donate online to the Guerreiras Project (on our homepage) between March 8th – August 5th, 2016, from International Women’s Day to the start of the Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, you will receive a Guerreiras sports bra…and you can also contribute to young women in Brazil receiving sports bras through the Guerreiras Ambassador program. See more details below.

GP Sports Bra image

When you donate 50 USD, you can decide whether you would like to receive a sports bra or give a sports bra to a young woman in Brazil as part of the Guerreiras Ambassador program. When you donate 70 USD or more, you receive a sports bra and contribute one.

If you decide to donate, email us at to find out more!