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JOANNA BURIGO Jo headshot Hometown: Criciúma, Brazil. Joanna Burigo is a consultant and teacher who received her MSc in Gender, Media and Culture at the London School of Economics. She specialises in offering marketing consultancy to social enterprises with a focus on gender-centric issues. Her research interests include how feminism has been historically “branded”, how pop culture shapes feminist discourse and, more recently, how bodies can be a locus of teaching and learning before and beyond discourse and pedagogical praxis. As a co-founder of the project, Joanna has been central to the building of the GUERREIRASPROJECT methodology and pedagogy.  Joanna is a dedicated fan of Criciúma Futebol Clube.
Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fisher is an activist, athlete, researcher, and community organizer. She moved to Brazil in 2004 to play professional futebol for Santos F.C.– better known as ‘Pele’s club’. Seeds for the Guerreiras Project started there with the stories she and her teammates shared as players confronting prejudice within women’s game in Brazil. Fisher continued her pro futebol career in Sweden and the U.S., before joining Santos FC again and carried out ethnographic research focused on gender and the body with support of a Fulbright Fellowship. She received a MSc degree from the London School of Economics (LSE) (’10) in Gender; and a BA in Biological Anthropology from Harvard University (’04) where she captained the Harvard Women’s Soccer team.
ANNA FIASTRO Anna_Fiastro_Headshot_2_small  Hometown: Tucson, Arizona. Born in Tucson, Anna learned to play soccer in the heat of the dessert. Anna Completed her biology degree at Scripps College while studying food politics and participating in a number of social justice initiatives.  After working on a number of scientific research projects in Ecuador and Trinidad, Anna moved to Brazil to complete a Fulbright Research Grant in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte on sustainable aquaculture. From there, she moved to Rio de Janeiro to become part of the GUERREIRASPROJECT team. As the Brazil Project Coordinator, Anna works with the Ambassadors, coordinates partnerships with community-based organizations, and runs our Rio de Janeiro workshops.
JANE DENNEHY Hometown: Hastings, New Zealand. Jane Dennehy is based in Scotland having lived in the UK for more than twenty years. Jane’s love of sport was a trigger in returning to academia to explore competition from the the sports field to the labour market. The result was a PhD from the Gender Institute at the London School of Economics followed by the book Gender and Competition published by Palgrave MacMillan in 2012. Prior to undertaking the doctoral research her career was in marketing and communications in media (newspapers, internet and radio). As a co-founder of the Gender Hub, a research and advisory collective, Jane is involved in a range of projects which primarily focus on sport, media and employability. With a particular interest in social change and gender justice Jane is passionate about her role as a board adviser to the GUERREIRASPROJECT as it continues to develop into a social movement.
SILVANA VILODRE GOELLNER Silvana headshotHometown: Porto Alegre, Brazil. Silvana Vilodre Goellner is a Professor at the Escola de Educação Física, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. She is coordinator of the Centro de Memória do Esporte and the Grupo de Estudos sobre Esporte, Cultura e História. Her academic research focuses on women and sport, with an emphasis on the gender inequalities that permeate this cultural practice. She came to know the Guerreiras Project in May 2013, joined the movement, and football has since become a priority theme in her educational and political agenda.
ADRIENNE GRUNWALD Hometown: New York, New York Adrienne is a New York-based documentary photographer and former football player. Her work spans the disciplines of social anthropology, international development and gender studies. She received her BA with Honors in English Literature from Lehigh University in 2004. She most recently graduated from the Documentary Photography & Photojournalism program at the International Center of Photography in New York where she was awarded the Henry Margolis Foundation and Josephine Lyons Merit Scholarship. Prior to pursuing a career in photography, Adrienne worked in several different fields including strategic marketing for the NBA, equity research and public relations.

SARAH LEBARON VON BAEYER Sarah Lebaron von B_photoSarah LeBaron von Baeyer grew up in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada, and is currently based in Rio de Janeiro. She has a BA in East Asian Studies and English from Oberlin College, Ohio, and this year will complete a PhD in cultural anthropology at Yale University. Her research focuses on transnational labor migration between Brazil and Japan, and explores issues of ethnicity, gender, generation, and social class. Besides English, Sarah is fluent in French, Portuguese, and Japanese, and proficient in Spanish.

NADJA MARIN Nadja_PhotoHometown: São Paulo, Brazil. Nadja Marin is a visual anthropologist who works with ethnographic film. She is also a former futebol player and big fan of the women’s game. She played futebol at the University of São Paulo and at the University of Manchester, U.K. where she got her Master’s degree in Arts. Alongside her ethnographic field-based project in Minas Gerais, Brazil with indigenous people, she works as part of the GUERREIRASPROJECT team, filming Guerreiras events and working on a video documentary about women’s struggle to play football in Brazil. She is committed to social and gender equality, environmental issues, and the institution of women’s professional football in Brazil.

JAMIE MORGAN EVANS Hometown: London, England. Jamie Morgan Evans is a freelance football writer wondering where the body of the player disappeared to in contemporary analysis. He currently coaches the senior sides at West Ham United Ladies FC whilst studying for a UEFA B Award in Football Coaching.  He completed an MPhil in Sociology at Cambridge University in 2010. After moving to London to carry out doctorate research on the body and the nation in English football development, he has since taken up a position with The People Speak to expand The Guerreiras’s Project commitment to spoken narrative and collective storytelling. He is currently sub-editing work on the recent Neymar story at Santos F.C, whilst writing a narrative on Two Seasons at a Ladies Football Club in East London. Jamie would like to hear from people working around issues of narrative, craftsmanship and embodied practice in the humanities and social sciences.
MARIO OFFENBURGER Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil. Formado em Comunicação Social – Relações Públicas – pela Faculdade Cásper Líbero e pós-graduação em Gestão de Marketing Global pela Faap, é Assessor de Comunicação e Imprensa da Fundação Volkswagen e da organização internacional Guerreiras Project. Foi professor titular de Metodologia Científica e outras disciplinas dos cursos de Comunicação Social na UniSant’Anna. Acumula experiência em assessoria de imprensa, pesquisa de mercado, comunicação interna e eventos em empresas privadas, organismos internacionais e organizações do Terceiro Setor, como por exemplo Avon, Citibank, OPAS-OMS, Unesco e Cenpec. Entre os seus maiores desafios, procura encontrar equilíbrio saudável entre o trabalho e a vida pessoal, oferecendo ações de transformação para uma sociedade mais justa e menos desigual.
ALINE PELLEGRINO Aline_01_smallSão Paulo, Brazil. Aline “Pelle” Pellegrino is former Captain of the Brazilian Women’s National football team– she led the Brazilian women from 2005-2013. Her titles with the Brazilian National Team include: Silver Medal at the 2004 Olympics, Athens; Gold Medal at the 2007 PanAmerican Games, Rio e Janiero; Second Place at the 2007 World Cup, China; and 2010 Champion of the South American Cup, Ecuador.  Pelle played professional football for fifteen years in Brazil and for a short period in Russia. With Santos FC she was two-time Champion of the Libertadores Cup of America, two-time Champion of the Paulista São Paulo State Tournament, and two-time Champion of the Brazil Cup. Pelle was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. She received her BA in Educação Fisíca from Uni Sant’anna University in São Paulo, Brazil. Pelle is the Co-Director of the Guerreiras Project.    
PAULO RICCA  Paulo HeadshotLondon, UK. Paulo Ricca is a co-founder of Artist Media Agency (Guerreiras Project media partner) and a Guerreiras Project ambassador. While probably not the best footballer of the bunch, Paulo and AMA support GP on their Web, Social Media, Marketing, Graphic Design and Public Relations.

ANTONELLA NOTARI VISCHER Switzerland, The Womanity Foundation After working for over 18 years with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a field-based Delegate in different armed conflicts, and as the main Spokesperson and Head of Public Communication, Antonella Notari Vischer entered the microfinance sector as Director of Corporate Communication at BlueOrchard in Geneva from early 2008 until November 2009. As of January 2010, she is heading The Womanity Foundation. Antonella is a founding member of “Giving Women”, a platform for and on women in philanthropy. She holds a MSc in Media and Communication from the London School of Economics and a licence ès letters from the University of Geneva.

THAÍS RIBEIRO PICARTE  Hometown: Santo André-SP. Thaís Ribeiro Picarte, commonly known simply as Thaís, is a Brazilian international football goalkeeper currently playing for Centro Olimpico in São Paulo and for the Brazilian National Team. She has been a GP Ambassador since 2011 and a leader as the project has developed.  During her career, she has played in the Brazilian, Spanish and Italian leagues. Thaís also took part in the 2011 World Cup as a reserve, and was the first choice goalkeeper during the 2007 World Cup qualification.

KAREN DE FREITAS LANG ROCHA Guerreiras project; oficina São Gonçalo Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil. Karen de Freitas Lang Rocha is a professional football player in Brazil and a Guerreiras Project Ambassador. She started playing when she was 5 years old, and eventually joined the Santos FC team in Santos, São Paulo. She currently plays for the Brazilian Marine’s football team and the Rio de Janeiro club team, Vasco da Gama. During her career, Karen was asked to play for the Brazilian under-19 National Team. She has also won the Brazilian Championship twice and was the runner up in the Pan American Championship. ANA CAROLINE M. RODRIGUES (‘CAROL’) Hometown: Petrolina-PE. Carol is a Brazilian football player who is currently playing and studying Buisness at Monroe College in New York, USA. She was one of the first GP Ambassadors trained in 2011 while playing for Victoria do Santo Antão, Pernambuco. She has also played for Ferroviaria de Araraquara in São Paulo (2009-2010) and Bangu in Rio de Janeiro (2010). She was asked to play on the Brazilian National Team as part of the under-18 (2010) and under-20 teams (2012-2013). RANI DE OLIVEIRA SALDANHA Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Durante minha época de Ensino Médio, fui chamada pra jogar futsal por um time de nome grande, futebol de campo por outro e beach soccer por outro. Escolhi então, ir jogar no Santos F.C, onde eu conheci essas minhas amigas embaixadoras do Guerreiras Project. Enquanto eu estava em Santos, fui conhecendo outras jogadoras e técnicos de outros clubes (futsal e futebol de campo) que me fizeram convites durante 6 anos seguido, e pelos mesmos eu fui jogar, sendo campeã de Regionais e Abertos, Copa do Brasil, Taça Brasil e Jogos Universitários Brasileiros (JUB’S). Através do futebol, consegui uma bolsa 100% de estudo e me formei em 4 anos em Educação Física. Hoje atuo na área como coordenadora e professora de educação física de 3 escolinhas de futebol (Flamengo – Grêmio – Damitex), projeto sociais (Salesiano e Cruzada do Menor) e com a arbitragem de jogos de futsal (Entidades: Federação do Rio de Janeiro e Liga Rio Futsal). THAÍS RIBEIRO PICARTE  Hometown: Santo André-SP. Thaís Ribeiro Picarte, commonly known simply as Thaís, is a Brazilian international football goalkeeper currently playing for Centro Olimpico in São Paulo and for the Brazilian National Team. She has been a GP Ambassador since 2011 and a leader as the project has developed.  During her career, she has played in the Brazilian, Spanish and Italian leagues. Thaís also took part in the 2011 World Cup as a reserve, and was the first choice goalkeeper during the 2007 World Cup qualification. CARLA SANTOS DE OLIVEIRA India 'Sou guerreira..' foto  Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Sou atleta de futebol feminino e sou formada em Educação Física. Eu nasci no Rio de Janeiro no dia 11 de Julho de 1985. Desde pequena eu jogo futebol no quintal da minha casa porque eu tenho 4 primos da mesma idade e 2 um pouco mais velhos. Quando fiz 13 anos fui levada por um primo pra fazer teste no Flamengo/Gama Filho e passei, fiquei lá treinando no sub 17 e sub 20. Mas aconteceram algumas mudanças e o time ficou só com a categoria adulta. Com 14 anos comecei a jogar em um time da comunidade perto da minha casa que disputava o Campeonato de Favelas. No primeiro ano que joguei essa competição recebi o convite pra ir pro Campo Grande A.C. Durante esse tempo eu sempre estudando e quando terminei o segundo grau com 18 anos minha mãe me proibiu de continuar jogando porque ela queria que eu trabalhasse porque até então o futebol não tinha me rendido nada. Queria também que eu fizesse faculdade. No meu primeiro jogo de volta ao Campo Grande A.C. eu fui convocada pra Seleção Sub 20 e passei o ano de 2004 sendo convocada. Disputei o Sulamericano mas fui cortada do Mundial. Então em 2005 ganhei bolsa de 50% numa faculdade e comecei a fazer estágios em escolinhas pra pagar os outros 50%. Fui indo bem na faculdade e me tornei monitora de futsal então minha bolsa foi para 90%. Nesse período me afastei do futebol de campo e jogava futsal no Mackenzie S.C.. Me formei em 2008 e logo no começo de 2009 entrei pra Marinha do Brasil pra ser atleta de futebol feminino e defender a Seleção das Forças Armadas. Fiquei na Marinha até junho de 2013 e nesse período fui a 4 Mundiais Militares e joguei pelo C.R. Vasco da Gama. No início de 2013 fui morar no Paraná pra jogar pelo time do ADI Foz. Agora faço parte do Guerreiras Project que busca o fim da violência contra a mulher e usa o futebol feminino como instrumento pra alcançar esse objetivo. MARISA BROWN SCHLENKER Marisa_02_small  Hometown: Evanston, Illinois, USA. Marisa Schlenker, based in Germany, is also a former professional football player who has steered her passion for the game in a new direction. She worked to integrate the GUERREIRASPROJECT’s gender dialogues into Coach’s Across Continent’s (CAC) female empowerment initiative with partner programs in Ghana and India. Prior to her work with CAC, Marisa worked in Paraguay at the Mbaracayu Girls Agricultural School through Fundacion Paraguaya. She was involved with microfinance, financial literacy and football. She coached the girl’s football team and led them to the Homeless World Cup 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Marisa has also done research with the Chilean Consulate of Chicago in the trade division as well as with the research and development department at Opportunity International, a microfinance organization based out of Chicago, IL. Fun fact: Marisa and Caitlin were former teammates on the Boston Renegades and the Chicago Red 11, U.S. W-League. BEATRIZ VAZ E SILVA photo-82  Hometown: São Paulo, SP. Beatriz Vaz e Silva, known to most as Bia, is a Brazilian football player and an Ambassador of the Guerreiras Project. She started playing football in the street with the boys of her neighborhood. At age 15, she began playing professionally. While playing part time, she completed her undergraduate degree in Physical Education at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. She then spent two years at Southern Nazarene University in the United States in an exchange program learning english. Next, Bia returned to Brazil to play for the women’s league team in Foz do Iguaçu and started studying Administration. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Administration while playing for the São Paulo state team Ferroviária and playing with the Brazilian National Team.