‘THE GRASS CEILING’ zine by Fisher (Guerreiras Project) & Grimm (DISCOVER FOOTBALL)
Co-captains of the GUERREIRASPROJECT, Aline Pellegrino and teammate Caitlin Fisher talk to the BBC’s Jason Margolis about the Project, gender justice and women’s futebol in Brazil.
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GUERREIRASPROJECT Multimedia by Adrienne Grunwald, Aline Pellegrino & Caitlin Fisher



TED São Paulo – Caitlin Davis Fisher: The body image of female athletes

27 July, 2012

With the ringing in of the Olympics, the London School of Economics (LSE) launches their blog series ‘Diversity in Sport’. The series explores issues of race, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion and disability in sport. As the world comes to London for the mega-event, we need to question where we are today in living up to the Olympic spirit of inclusivity.

In the first in the ‘Diversity in Sport’ series, Caitlin Fisher of the GUERREIRAS PROJECT, delivers a TED talk on how female athletes negotiate spaces and recreate their identities in order to enter the still very masculine arena of sports. She discusses the case of women’s football in Brazil, the discrimination and marginalisation female football players have faced and what’s the way forward.



Guerreiras: The Female Warriors of Brazilian Futebol

Santos FC, Campeonato Paulista 2010,  Foto: Adrienne Grunwald

Santos FC, Campeonato Paulista 2010
Foto: Adrienne Grunwald